BMW M235i Racing Cup


The BMW M240i Racing Cup.


The BMW M240i Racing Cup.

A class of their own.The BMW M240i Racing Cup.

The BMW M235i Racing Cup becomes the BMW M240i Racing Cup: Since 2014, the BMW M235i Racing Cup has been an integral part of the VLN Endurance Championship at the Nürburgring. In 2018 BMW M Motorsport extended its contract with the racing series and tyre partner Dunlop by a further two years. Thanks to an Evo package for the car, as of the 2019 season, the newly named BMW M240i Racing Cup offers teams and drivers the perfect opportunity to enter the motor racing scene at a manageable cost until at least 2020.

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BMW M240i Racing
BMW M240i Racing
BMW M240i Racing
BMW M240i Racing

BMW M240i Racing.

The BMW M240i Racing Evo package contains, among other things, optimised engine software. New end plates for the rear wing contribute to the optical upgrade of the cars used in race series and Cup classes around the world. In addition, BMW customer racing offers an optional new driver’s seat in the BMW M240i Racing design. It will enhance seating comfort and the precision of the fit.

The technology of the BMW M240i Racing.

Thanks to an extensive engine upgrade, the BMW
M240i Racing reaches 340 horsepower with a capacity of 2,979 cm3.


All the results and classifications from the 2019 season of the BMW M240i Racing Cup – compact and precise.

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BMW M240i Racing

2018 TEAMS.

Car number


BMW M235i Racing China
BMW M235i Racing Belgium


Belgium and China among the venues for international BMW M235i Racing Cups.

The “Green Hell” is not the only place that BMW customers go head to head at the wheel of the BMW M235i Racing. In total, 170 BMW M235i Racings have been built, and are in action all over the world, including in their own BMW M235i Racing classes in Belgium and China.

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Dunlop is one of the world’s leading tire manufacturer in high and ultra-high performance tires. The tire brand stands for sportiness, emotion and driving pleasure. At the same time, the name also stands for one of the most important and most revolutionary inventions in the history of mobility: the pneumatic tire. It was invented in 1888 by the Scottish veterinarian John Boyd Dunlop.
Motorsport belongs to the genotype of Dunlop, so to speak. From the beginning, Dunlop’s success in nearly all areas of motorsport stretches throughout the company´s history. Whether as an exclusive tire partner or in direct competition, whether in the top-class or newcomers area, whether on two or on four wheels – the incentive is to supply always the best possible tires for top performances.
This not only applies to the race track. Also in public traffic, Dunlop drivers can trust in the fact that their tire provides maximum grip for maximum driving pleasure. This is because the technologies for our street tires derive directly from our motorsport-know-how.
As an official partner of BMW Motorsport, Dunlop supplies racing tires in the size of 265/660 R18 exclusively developed for the premier season of the BMW M235i Racing Cup. In addition, Dunlop also offers professional technical support as well as tire service for all BMW teams at the race track.

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Chassis components made in Germany: the H&R range of chassis components for over 2,000 models of car is probably the largest in the world. H&R also develops and produces shock absorbers, wheel spacers, sway bars and other chassis components for customers around the globe.

To test new materials and technologies, H&R has participated for many years in top international motorsport events. This experience goes directly into development and production. H&R also manufactures technical springs, such as compression springs, tension springs, torsion and flat form springs, and is also involved in medical technology through a subsidiary.

H&R stands for premium-quality, innovative products that are made in Germany in stringent compliance with the quality assurance standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

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