The BMW i Vision Walk.

Visitors in front of the BMW i Vision Walk

A stroll through the E-Village at a Formula E event is a little like visiting a carnival. Countless attractions entice visitors, some with futuristic show vehicles and interactive highlights. Loud music rings out of speakers, while amateur racers do battle against real-life Formula E drivers for the virtual fastest time in the E-Gaming area. In the midst of all this hustle and bustle is the BMW i Vision Walk. A large screen and the words “Future Focused” next to the entrance leave visitors intrigued as to what may await them behind the black facade. More than 1,000 Formula E fans per day have visited the BMW i Vision Walk in Paris, Berlin and New York, where they received the answer to one main question: How does BMW envisage the mobility of the future?


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The BMW i Vision Walk is split into four stations. BMW i Andretti Motorsport driver Alexander Sims welcomes the guests – in hologram form. Aided by a video, he shows guests what visions BMW has of the mobility of the future, and exactly how those visions will change the life of every motorist. The BMW innovation fields D+ACES – consisting of design, automated driving, connectivity, electrification and services aspects – are explained clearly in an entertaining manner, so that they can be understood by every guest, not just experts. Every visitor is given a clear impression of the innovative prowess of the BMW Group. Addressing normal customers directly is exactly what the BMW i Vision Walk is all about.

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Hologram of the BMW i Andretti Motorsport driver Alexander Sims


“Explore i Racing” is the motto of the interactive second station. Up to four guests can go head to head in a race on a big screen. In doing so, they take the roles of BMW i Andretti Motorsport drivers Alexander Sims and António Félix da Costa, as well as the two test and reserved drivers, Beitske Visser and Bruno Spengler.


One outstanding feature of this game is that there is no point in simply driving flat-out with full energy from start to finish. To win, you must manage the energy at your disposal efficiently. Intelligent use of energy recovery and the Boost Mode are key. The gaming station is particularly popular with children and youngsters.


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Four guests playing the race game


The interactive touch tables on the subject of autonomous driving were developed in close collaboration with BMW i Andretti Motorsport primary partner Magna and are the heart of the BMW i Vision Walk. They playfully guide guests through the five levels of autonomous driving – driver assistance (level 1), partial automation (level 2), conditional automation (level 3), high automation (level 4) and complete automation (level 5). Guests guide a BMW iNEXT model car over a touch table, activating various stations, each of which explains a different level of autonomous driving.

This way it is possible, for example, to activate or deactivate various sensors, which the BMW cars of the future will have on board, at the push of a button. The functionalities of the individual sensors are demonstrated by daylight and at night using colour radio wave symbols. Anyone who manoeuvres their BMW iNEXT model through all the levels receives a detailed video introduction to the world of autonomous driving.

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An interactive touch table


The BMW iNEXT hologram awaits guests at the end of the BMW i Vision Walk. This car incorporates all of BMW’s visions for the mobility of the future. All the information from the previous stations can be found again here.

After about 15 minutes, guests leave the BMW i Vision Walk with many new impressions. Upon leaving, their eyes are automatically drawn towards the neighbouring BMW i Experience Area, where BMW i is exhibiting some of its latest electrified cars. Among them, a vision model of the BMW iNEXT.


The future: Within reach.

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BMW iNEXT Hologram