Fully electric single-seaters on the race track.


Get electrified – in some of the world's biggest cities.

The ABB FIA Formula E<br>race calendar. Get electrified – in some of the world's biggest cities.

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is held at street circuits all over the world. Spectators are wowed by the thrilling races, pioneering technology and unique atmosphere. With zero emission cars and low noise levels, the innovative race series implements the concept of street races more consistently than any other championship in the world. In doing so, it benefits from the unique locations that come with the hosting metropolises.

Famous attractions and impressive scenery provide spectacular backdrops for spectators, both at the circuit itself and watching elsewhere. And BMW i is always at the heart of the action. Together with its racing team, BMW i Andretti Motorsport, BMW i again competes with two fully-electric Formula cars in Season 7, while the fleet of BMW i support vehicles ensures that BMW i is a prominent feature as Official Vehicle Partner.

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After the cancellation of the season-opener in Santiago, Formula E released an updated race calendar in January, with dates for the first eight races of Season 7. More races will be announced at a later date.

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The Formula E race calendar.

Info and facts.

No race calendar is as varied as that of Formula E. The circuits in some of the biggest cities in the world offer fans maximum diversity – and pose major challenges to drivers and teams. Each circuit comes with its own different features and challenges. Ever-changing surfaces, extreme heat and differences in temperature put man and machine through their paces – and provide spectators with a feast of spectacular racing. You can find insights into all the venues, as well as important information and details on all the circuits, in our extensive race calendar for Season 7 of Formula E.

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BMW iFE.20 on the race track.
BMW iFE.20.

Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, 26th/27th February.

Diriyah has been a fixture on the Formula E race calendar since Season 5, and no other team has enjoyed as much success there as BMW i Andretti Motorsport. BMW recorded three pole positions and two race wins in the previous three E-Prix.
The BMW iFE.20 on the race track

A first for the series, set against a historic backdrop.

Fans can look forward to a double-header in Diriyah. No fewer than 21 corners await the drivers at the 2.495-kilometre circuit. The cars weave along the historic city wall, before heading down the finish straight and back into the heart of the city. The opening round of Season 7 has another first for Formula E in store, as the series will stage a night race for the first time.
The race track of Diriyah

Into the desert.

Diriyah is a suburb of Riyadh, to the northwest of the city, and has a population of 33,213. The original settlement is located in the Wadi Hanifa and consists of low mud buildings. These are not lived in nowadays, and can be visited as a kind of open-air museum.
Racetrack Rome

Rome, Italy, 10th/11th April 2021.

After the opening round in Diriyah, the drivers and teams head to the Italian capital for the first leg of the European season.
Close-up BMW iFE.21

Racing through antiquity.

The circuit in the EUR district of the city has been altered slightly since the most recent races. A total of 19 corners await the drivers. The track heads past such attractions as the Palazzo dei Congressi, the Piazzale Marconi, and the famous Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana.
BMW iFE.21

The ‘Eternal City’.

The ‘Eternal City’ on the banks of the Tiber has a history dating back almost 3,000 years. Ancient ruins like the Forum Romanum and the Colosseum are evidence of the former power of the Roman Empire. The Italian capital has maintained its magnificent architecture and ancient buildings to the present day.
BMW iFE.21

Valencia, Spain, 24th/25th April 2021.

Although Valencia has never hosted a Formula E race, the drivers and teams are very familiar with the circuit. The track on the outskirts of Valencia has recently provided the venue for the official pre-season test four times in a row.
BMW iFE.21

A first on Spanish ground.

Formula E travels to Spain for an actual race for the first time, having visited Valencia for the official tests in recent years. The circuit is the only permanent racetrack on the current Formula E calendar. A new layout, which will be announced at a later date, is being developed for the race on 24th April.

Shining light in the Mediterranean.

The many hours of sunlight throughout the entire year have earned Valencia the nickname ‘La Clara’ (the bright city). The port on the southeast coast of Spain is located at the mouth of the Turia, where the river meets the Mediterranean. It is famous for the ‘Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias’, a cultural and architectural complex, which is home to a park and futuristic buildings, including a planetarium, an oceanarium, and an interactive museum.
Helmet Jake Dennis

Monte Carlo, Monaco, 8th May 2021.

Few other locations are as synonymous with motorsport as Monaco, where the annual Formula 1 race is the most prestigious Grand Prix of all, and the Rally Monte Carlo is one of the most important events in the world of rallying. The principality only hosts Formula E every two years, but it is still an absolute highlight on the race calendar and has a prominent supporter, in the form of the head of state. Prince Albert II of Monaco’s foundation has been working for a greener future and sustainable mobility for many years.
Monaco racetrack

Through the streets of the principality.

This street circuit is infamous. Any mistakes are punished severely, and overtaking is only possible in a few places. Qualifying therefore plays a crucial role in the outcome of the race. The Formula E layout is shorter than that used for Formula 1. Instead of heading uphill to Casino de Monte Carlo when they come out of turn one (Saine-Devote), the Formula E cars immediately turn downhill towards the harbour and to a bend at the exit of the famous tunnel.
Maximilian Guenther

Home of the rich and beautiful.

Luxurious casinos, a huge marina and, of course, the Grimaldis; when you think of Monaco, you think of glamour, luxury, beauty and wealth. Monaco has enjoyed a reputation as a magnet for high society since the marriage of Prince Rainer III and actress Grace Kelly, if not longer. Roughly half of the 38,000 residents of the principality are millionaires. The view of the picturesque Côte d’Azur provides a pleasant backdrop to all this glamour.
BMW iFE.21

Marrakesh, Morocco, 22nd May 2021.

Marrakesh became the first African country to host an E-Prix in Season 2 of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. The ‘Pearl of the South’ has since established itself as a permanent fixture on the calendar and welcomes the series for the fifth time in 2021.
BMW iFE.21

Autódromo Miguel E. Abed.

The Puebla E-Prix replaces the Mexico City E-Prix, venue for recent Formula E races on Mexican soil, on the race calendar. The races will be held on a configuration of Autódromo Miguel E. Abed. Opened in 2005, the racetrack has hosted races in the FIA World Touring Car Championship in the past.

The “City of Angels”.

Puebla is primarily known for its cuisine, the colonial architecture, and the painted Talavera tiles that adorn the many well-known buildings. According to legend, angels helped plan the city, which is why it is also known as the “City of Angels”. In 1987, the old town in Puebla was named a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Jake Dennis

New York City, USA, 10th/11th July 2021.

The last time the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship visited the spectacular circuit in Brooklyn was in 2019. The BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team claimed two podium finishes at the double-header in Season 5. This year, New York hosts rounds ten and eleven of the season.
BMW iFE.21

The big harbour tour.

Few circuits are as varied as the one in New York Harbour. Hairpins, long straights and rapid blind corners make the track a real challenge for man and machine – and guarantee excitement.
New York

The city that never sleeps.

The Empire State Building, Broadway, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Central Park – the list of New York’s landmarks goes on forever. However, the metropolis is also famous for the unique Manhattan skyline, heart of the “Big Apple” and one of the most important business, financial and cultural centres in the world.
BMW iFE.21

London, Great Britain, 24th/25th July 2021.

Welcome back! London featured on the race calendar in the first two years of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. The innovative racing series now returns to the home of its headquarters, where races 12 and 13 form the penultimate double-header of the season.
BMW iFE.21

Indoor/outdoor spectacle.

The race will take place at the ExCeL exhibition centre in the east of the City, with part of the track running through one of the exhibition halls. The new Formula E circuit will be 2.4 kilometres long, with 23 corners, and will be driven in a clockwise direction. Part of the circuit, at the Royal Victoria Dock, and the pit lane will be set up directly on the banks of the Thames.

London calling.

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Landmarks like the imposing Houses of Parliament, the Elizabeth Tower housing the legendary “Big Ben” bell, and Westminster Abbey attract millions of tourists every year.
BMW iFE.21

Berlin, Germany, 14th/15th August 2021.

Of all the venues, Berlin is the only one that has been a permanent fixture on the Formula E race calendar since the series was launched. After the E-Prix temporarily switched to the Berlin district of Friedrichshain, the organisers returned to Tempelhof in 2017. In 2020, six races in nine days at the former airport formed the spectacular finale to the season, with Maximilian Günther taking one victory. This year, the season again concludes with two races in the German capital.
BMW iFE.21

The BMW i home event.

The BMW i Berlin E-Prix takes place at a track erected specifically for the racing series on the apron at Tempelhof Airport. At a total length of 2.377 kilometres, the circuit offers drivers excellent overtaking opportunities at the end of the two long straights.

The city of artists.

Contemporary architecture and magnificent buildings make Berlin a melting pot of contrasts. No other cities in Germany – and only very few in Europe – attract as many artists as Berlin, making it a centre for creativity, lifestyle and art.

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in pictures.

Images from the most innovative race series in the world.

Breath-taking backdrops, thrilling racing, futuristic cars are ingredients to wow motorsport fans all over the world.
The BMW iFE.21
BMW iFE.21
BMW iFE.21
BMW i8 Safety Car.
BMW iFE.21 in Valencia.
Maximilian Günther driving the BMW iFE.21
The BMW iFE.21
BMW iFE.21
BMW iFE.21
BMW i8 Safety Car.
BMW iFE.21 in Valencia.
Maximilian Günther driving the BMW iFE.21
Official Vehicle Partner.


BMW i and the ABB FIA Formula E Championship have been partners from the word go. When the series was launched in September 2014, BMW was involved as “Official Vehicle Partner” and believed in the concept. BMW i has continued to provide the entire fleet of safety vehicles to this day.
BMW i Andretti Motorsport


In a racing series with many standard parts, they can make all the difference: The drivers and team at BMW i Andretti Motorsport. In Season 7, BMW i Andretti Motorsport can once again count on a strong line-up. All you need to know about BMW i Andretti Motorsport and the drivers.