BMW M4 DTM on the race track


A global success story.

Motorsport is an exciting world, characterised by passion, action, adrenaline. Being successful in motorsport is part of BMW M Motorsport’s DNA. Racing embodies the sports performance of the brand, the perfection of the art of engineering, the driving pleasure, and it represents BMW successfully on the tracks of the world. Motorsport, as BMW M Motorsport embodies, is ‘real racing’. For almost 90 years, BMW drivers and teams have celebrated successes across the globe. In Munich, the home of BMW M Motorsport, the engineers work hard to ensure this success story continues. Whether in the DTM, the IMSA or in numerous endurance classics, BMW M Motorsport will compete with top-class rivals once again in 2020. 

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BMW M Motorsport.A global success story.
Everyone knows that BMW and motorsport are inextricably linked.
Klaus Fröhlich, BMW AG Board Member, Development


Our world of motorsport.

BMW M Motorsport is set to embark on another world tour with its racing programme in 2020. From the BMW M8 GTE at Daytona to the BMW M240i Racing at the Nürburgring – the entire BMW Motorsport fleet will be in action.
BMW M4 DTM on the race track.
BMW M8 GTE with mechanics in the line-up.
BMW M6 GT3 on the race track.
BMW M240i Racing.

BMW in the DTM.

The DTM offers approachable motorsport. Fans rarely get as close to drivers, teams and cars as they do in the popular touring car series. With the BMW M4 DTM, BMW take on direct rivals in the premium automotive sector in this series.

BMW in the IMSA series.

The IMSA series unites tradition and the modern era. It continues a long history of sports car races in the USA and Canada, in which BMW has also played a leading role since the beginning. In the thick of the action is the BMW M8 GTE.

BMW in the IGTC.

Racing around the world: In five endurance highlights on five continents, the BMW M6 GT3 competes with international top-class rivals and enchants motorsport fans.

The BMW M240i Racing Cup.

To provide ambitious racers with a cost-effective entry into motorsport, BMW Motorsport offers a separate Cup class for the BMW M240i Racing in the NLS Endurance Series.


BMW M4 DTM on the racetrack.

Concentrated BMW turbo power.

The BMW M4 DTM embodies many major successes in the most fiercely contested touring car series in the world. The BMW M4 DTM has been in action with a new two-litre turbo engine, with over 600 hp, since 2019. The goal is to continue BMW’s success story in the DTM.

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The GT flagship.

The BMW M8 GTE unites innovative cutting-edge technology and racing tradition – and is the most efficient GT racing car that BMW M Motorsport has ever fielded. BMW M Motorsport’s GT flagship will return to the IMSA series once again in 2020.

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The top model for Customer Racing.

The BMW M6 GT3 replaced the BMW Z4 GT3 in 2016 and has been the top model in BMW M Motorsport’s customer racing offering ever since. It is powered by a 4.4-litre V8 engine with M TwinPower turbo technology and achieves up to 585 hp. The BMW M6 GT3 was further enhanced with an extensive Evo package in 2018.

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BMW M4 GT4 on the racetrack.

The GT4 high-flyer.

With the BMW M4 GT4, BMW M Motorsport engineers created a real masterpiece. The GT4 car, based on the BMW M4 Coupé, is a product of all the expertise of BMW M Motorsport.

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BMW M240i Racing.

The entry-level model.

Thanks to the extensive Evo package, which includes optimised engine software and a facelift, the BMW customer racing entry-level model has had a new name since 2019 and replaced the BMW M235i Racing as the entry-level model for ambitious racers.

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BMW M2 CS Racing.

The new entry-level model.

With the BMW M2 CS Racing, BMW M Motorsport continues its tradition of close-to-production customer racing vehicles. Like its two predecessors, the latest addition to the BMW M customer racing range of products also enables ambitious teams and drivers to break into motorsport.

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New icon for Customer Racing.

With the BMW M4 GT3, a new top-of-the-range model joins the Customer Racing range at BMW M Motorsport. The BMW M4 GT3 will succeed the BMW M6 GT3.

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