110% Tech


110% Tech: Borderless Driving Pleasure.

Pushing the limits, edging ever closer towards perfection, celebrating successes on and off the track: drivers, engineers and management are working around the clock to reach their objectives with the latest technology, innovative solutions and thrilling visions, to find answers to the challenges that they face on and off the circuit, to be ready to shape the future of the automobile. In motor racing or in production there is unlimited fascination with BMW. Take a look for yourself and dive into thrilling stories from the world of motor racing.

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Sim racing

BMW power in sim racing: success in the virtual world.

Sim racing has enjoyed an unprecedented boom in recent months. BMW Motorsport recognised the potential of virtual racing back in 2019 and set course for a successful future in digital motorsport.
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The M Test Center at the Nürburgring is the beating heart of motorsport at BMW M GmbH.

The ultimate endurance test: the BMW Test Center at the Nürburgring..

Dirk Häcker can look back on decades of Nordschleife experience and is the perfect person to offer an insight into the M Test Center, where BMW cars have been put to the ultimate test under extreme conditions since the 1960s.
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Comeback einer Legende: Das BMW M1 Procar.Schlüssel zum Erfolg: Der BMW Motorsport Simulator.

Key to success: the BMW Motorsport simulator.

The BMW Motorsport simulator is a very important tool for us in training the drivers, it enables precise optimisations to the car set-up and supports the development of new race cars.
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Comeback of a legend: the BMW M1 Procar.

Comeback of a legend: the BMW M1 Procar.

Some cars are already legends when the first one rolls off the production line. Like the BMW M1 – a fabulous sports car, that was designed for both the road and the racetrack.
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BMW P48 turbo engine

50 years of turbo passion: the new BMW P48 engine.

The turbo pioneers return to their roots: The new BMW P48 is one of the most efficient BMW race engines of all time.
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110% Story

110% STORY.

Motorsport continues to write the most extraordinary stories. Don’t believe us? Then join us on a journey into the fascinating world of racing. Unparalleled action, all kinds of emotions, and unique stories await you.
110% Fan

110% FAN.

There are people behind the scenes, who make motor racing what it is: Unique, exciting and incomparable. Experience what true fan passion looks like and how creative the BMW Motorsport community can be when it comes to their greatest passion. Prepare to be amazed and inspired.