Michael Andretti.



BMW i Motorsport and Andretti Motorsport have formed one unit since Season 5 of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. Now in the second year of this intensive partnership, one thing is clear, BMW i Andretti Motorsport is a winning team. Behind the American side of this successful collaboration is a man who has also been a winner all his life – first as one of the most successful racing drivers in North America, then as a businessman: Michael Andretti. A profile.

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As such, Michael Andretti was following in huge footsteps when he decided to become a professional racing driver too, but given his background, did he really have much of a choice? “The only life I know is motorsport, so it is hard for me to imagine doing anything else,” said Andretti. “To be honest, we don’t talk about much else in our family. Motorsport really does usually dominate our conversations.” His brother Jeff, cousins John and Adam, and his son Marco – all of them professional racing drivers. Motorsport truly is the be all and end all for the Andretti family.

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Michael Andretti.


Michael Mario Andretti is a member of one of the biggest motorsport dynasties in the world. A glance at his second name reveals the kind of racing genes he inherited. His father, a certain Mario Andretti, won four titles in the IndyCar Series and was crowned Formula 1 world champion in 1978. He also won the Daytona 500 in NASCAR and claimed a class victory at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. To this day, Mario Andretti remains the only racing driver ever to have won the Indy 500, the Daytona 500 and the Formula 1 world championship.

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Michael Andretti.

As big as his father’s boots may have been, Michael Andretti has managed to fill them. Over the course of his racing career, he won 42 IndyCar races and was crowned champion in 1991. “It takes a tremendous amount of dedication, sacrifice and focus to be a successful racing driver,” said Andretti, explaining his recipe for success. “The difference between a good driver and an average driver is that the good driver is always fast in any conditions. Every single lap. An average driver lacks the consistency you need to be among the best.”

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Andretti’s move from active racing driver to a new phase in his life as a businessman and team owner was at least as successful as his time on the racetrack. Very few professional sportspersons have made that transition as smoothly as he did. In 2003, Andretti purchased Team Green, for whom he was driving at the time. As well as entering the business world, he also continued to race sporadically himself. From that point on, however, his greatest triumphs came as the co-owner of Andretti Green Racing. Between 2004 and 2007, the team won three IndyCar titles and the Indy 500 twice.


“I knew that I had a good career and I wanted to end that career on a high, while I was still competitive. I didn’t want to just keep driving and fade away over time,” said Andretti, describing his thoughts at the time. “In 2003, I had the opportunity to make the transition from driver to owner. Since then, things have evolved to where I am today with Andretti Autosport.”


Andretti Autosport is currently involved in a whole host of different motorsport projects. The Indianapolis-based team is successfully represented in the IndyCar Series, the Indy Lights Series, Australian V8 Supercars, and GT4 America. Andretti Autosport has also enjoyed many race wins and titles in the world of rallycross. In 2021, it will also start as a private team in Extreme E. “I think you have to stay diverse. The experience we gain in different categories is what helps to make us competitive and successful,” said Andretti, explaining the philosophy behind the team’s involvement in motor racing. “We have platforms, on which we can broaden our horizons and find the best talent and partners.”

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Michael Andretti.


Andretti Autosport and BMW i Motorsport have formed a strong, successful and pioneering partnership in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship. The BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team has been competing in the world’s first race series for fully-electric Formula cars since Season 5 and has already celebrated multiple victories and podiums. “I am very proud of the partnership with BMW i Motorsport,” said Andretti. “I think in a short time, we’ve really come on strong to show how competitive and driven we are. Our collaboration is at the highest level.”



For Andretti, the partnership with BMW i Motorsport, which began during Season 4 and has been bearing fruit since Season 5, was an important step up to the next level for his involvement in Formula E. Andretti Formula E had been involved as a private team since the inaugural season. “When we were presented with the opportunity in Season 1, we hoped the series would grow into exactly what it has become. The competition is really strong, there’s great participation from manufacturers like BMW, and the fan base is impressive and growing each year,” said Andretti. “It is really very exciting to be involved in the project and to help shape the future of mobility. To see how far technology has already developed is really impressive.”

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Michael Andretti and Maximilian Günther.
BMW iFE.20 #28 GUE


This development will continue within Formula E – and BMW i Andretti Motorsport will once again be involved in Season 7. As a team owner, Michael Andretti continues to work with great tenacity to ensure the success of the project – as he does in all areas. For him, tenacity is the basic virtue you require to be a successful businessman. “You can never give up when the going gets tough. You have to keep an open mind and a build strong team around you; it takes good people.” Andretti Autosport has those good people – both with BMW i Andretti Motorsport and in all its other motor racing projects.

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The only question remaining for Michael Andretti the businessman is in which direction motorsport will develop in the future. Purely electric? Still with combustion engines? “I don’t know,” Andretti admitted. “I can imagine we may have combustion engines with alternative fuels, but we don’t know for sure. For me, I’m glad to be involved in both forms of motorsport.”

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