Farewell to the BMW M8 GTE and BMW M6 GT3.


Farewell to the BMW M8 GTE and BMW M6 GT3.

The end of an era. Farewell to the BMW M8 GTE and BMW M6 GT3.

They are heroes. Cheering fans have marvelled at them all around the world. Now, having chalked up hundreds of thousands of kilometres on circuits around the globe, they are heading for the garage for the final time. They have already made sure of their place in the history books. Whether racing on the Nordschleife, or at Le Mans, Macau or Daytona, their historic victories and those moments that sent shivers down your spine have made their mark over the years at BMW M Motorsport. There were a host of unique memories and moments that motorsport fans will still remember decades from now. Looking back over an era, the era of the BMW M6 GT3 and the BMW M8 GTE

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