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Frequently asked questions on the Formula BMW Talent Cup.

At what age am I allowed to take part in the Formula BMW Talent Cup? How many days will I miss school during the season? You will answers on these and many more question in our FAQ section.

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What are the main changes to the Formula BMW Talent Cup programme for 2014?

The championship format is new. Up to seven official races will be held as part of two international racing events. Also new is the grading of the prize money. At the end of the season, an attractive prize purse of 150,000 Euros will be divided between the top three drivers. Equally attractive for ambitious motorsport youngsters around the world is the opportunity to become a BMW Junior. BMW Motorsport is offering selected participants the chance to take part in a more advanced junior programme as of the 2015 season.

When do the test event take place?

Several tests will be held between October and February. A team of experts will assess the participants, to determine whether they have the potential to be included on the junior programme.

In what period will the 2014 Formula BMW Talent Cup take place?

The Formula BMW Talent Cup is provisionally scheduled from the start of March to mid-September 2014.

How old do I have to be to take part in the Formula BMW Talent Cup?

Minimum age: 15 by the start of the first race (August 2014).

How many days of school will I miss through participating in the Formula BMW Talent Cup?

The total number of event days will be about 30. The event days will preferably be on weekends and during school holidays, so as to minimise the number of days away from school. At present, and without knowing the driver's country of origin, it is impossible to provide a more detailed statement.

In what language will participants be taught?

The teaching language is English. The second language is German. Teaching documents will be provided in various languages, depending on the nationalities of the drivers.

What are the costs to participate in the Formula BMW Talent Cup programme?

BMW subsidises the Formula BMW Talent Cup programme. The contribution that each participant must pay themselves is determined on an individual basis, depending on the participant’s needs.

Must I pay extra for any damages, for which I am responsible, or must I take out additional insurance?

The insurance of the cars is included in the registration fee, with an excess of € 3,000 per damage. This means up to € 3,000 of damage costs must be borne and paid by the participant. Otherwise, they will not be permitted to start at on-track events.

Is the test event fee reimbursed if I register bindingly for the Formula BMW Talent Cup?

The fee for the test events is not included in the registration fee, as it serves to cover the cost of the test events. In order to offer participants the best possible conditions, the test events usually take place at racetracks rented exclusively for that purpose.

Will I also be in good hands in the Formula BMW Talent Cup if I do not have any, or only little, karting experience?

Generally speaking, karting experience is not necessary. The first indication of participants’ talent will be the test events.