The proven racing driver school of BMW.

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Closer to the limit with each lesson.

Perfectly trained from the word go.

Internationally respected experts provide the participants with essential know-how in the areas of car set-up, data analysis, technical understanding, fitness, sponsorship and media work.

Ready for more

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BMW works drivers and experienced instructors prepare the young drivers perfectly for their outings. Whether on the track or at special theory events: the Formula BMW Talent Cup participants are always in good hands.

The talented youngsters are introduced to single-seater racing step by step. The personal development of every single participant is at the centre of this concept.

A well-thought curriculum for maximum success

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Every participant of the Formula BMW Talent Cup will be well-prepared for all the future steps in his or her motor racing career. In addition, the young guns get the chance to be part of BMW Motorsport’s advanced talent promotion scheme from the 2015 season.

The modules behind ideal preparation:

On-track training.

The Formula BMW Talent Cup gives the young drivers exclusive access to European racetracks. This allows intense training and maximum track time. Experienced instructors and race engineers are in constant communication with the driver throughout the events, and use comprehensive data analysis to offer valuable and direct feedback. Extensive testing takes place over three days at each of four different European circuits. Furthermore, the participants receive training in all the elements necessary for ideal pre-season preparations. The fact that the FB02 is run centrally means that the conditions are the same for every driver and guarantees equal opportunity.

Simulator training.

Over the course of their training season, the drivers in the Formula BMW Talent Cup have two opportunities to spend three days at the Silverstone Circuit in Great Britain, where they are given exclusive access to the simulator at the iZone Driver Performance Center. This allows them in-depth insights into how to select the right line, break down corners, and analyse view management. In various individual sessions, each driver receives personal training and preparation for the forthcoming circuits. The simulator, which was founded by three-times World Touring Car Champion and BMW works driver Andy Priaulx, is one of the best in Europe.

Fitness training.

You have to be absolutely top fit in order to maintain full concentration in the cockpit during physically and mentally demanding races. The Formula BMW Talent Cup provides fitness training perfectly tailored to the individual needs of each participant, in order to ensure they are as well prepared as possible for a career in motorsport. This starts in spring with a multi-day fitness camp, at which the drivers are tested individually and then given personal training programmes and dietary advice. Another part of the training programme are the monthly fitness plans with individual exercises, daily endurance exercises and regular performance tests.

Mental training.

Mental preparation is just as important as physical training in motorsport. The programme drawn up by performance and enhancement coach Prof. Dr. Dieter Hackfort allows the Formula BMW Talent Cup participants to aim for realistic and reasonable goals, as well as teaching methods of self-control. They are taught how to effectively handle pressure situations, ambition and the will to win.

Media training.

Successful athletes and teams are in the eye of the international press. The Formula BMW Talent Cup uses experienced media instructors to prepare the participants for dealing professionally with the media.


At the end of their integral training, the participants take part in a championship, which forms the highlight of the season, with overall victory and prize money totalling 150,000 Euros up for grabs. The winner is determined over up to seven races, held at two closing events, at which the Formula BMW Talent Cup shares the stage with an international racing event, such as the DTM.

Junior programme.

BMW Motorsport is offering selected participants of the 2014 Formula BMW Talent Cup the chance to be included in a more advanced BMW Motorsport junior promotion programme as of the 2015 season, where they will benefit from the BMW Motorsport network from the outset and be accompanied throughout their sporting career.