The BMW M3 GT4 for production-based racing.

The concept behind the GT4 category, for which the BMW M3 GT4 was developed by BMW Motorsport, is a simple one: The racing cars should have as much as possible in common with production cars, with only minor modifications allowed. Against this background, the production model of the BMW M3 has proven to be godsend for the engineers.

The BMW M3 GT4 for the BMW Sports Trophy

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The car, which epitomises sportiness from the word go, was enhanced with the safety features required for use on the race track. Additional, minor alterations were made to the engine, transmission, chassis and brakes. Then the competitive GT4 racing car was ready for action. A safety cell made of extremely rigid, precision steel tubing is welded to the steel body required for usage in motorsport at the BMW Plant Regensburg. Thanks to numerous measures designed to reduce weight – such as the use of the special plastic Makrolon for the side and rear windows – the BMW M3 GT4 weighs just 1,430 kilograms. The fact that the production model of the BMW M3 already has a CFRP roof was a great help to the engineers when lowering the car's centre of gravity.

Furthermore, the racing car was given a 100-litre FT3 safety tank and a quick-release, multi-functional steering wheel. The 420bhp engine remained largely untouched. The power transmission is handled by the mechanical six-speed gearbox, which is also used in the production model. The only alterations are the use of an adjustable differential lock and additional cooling for the rear axle differential. Adjustable racing shock absorbers allow the BMW M3 GT4 to be optimally adjusted to the characteristics of the circuit.

Some adjustments were made to the brakes, in order to cope with the strains of the race track and offer drivers maximum safety: six-piston brake callipers with 378 mm brake discs are used on the front axle. The rear axle features four-piston brake callipers with 355 mm brake discs. In addition, the drivers are supported in difficult situations by a race ABS and DTC with specific mappings.

No compromise: the BMW M3 GT4

Technical specifications BMW M3 GT4
Length: 4,615mm
Width: 1,804mm
Height: approx. 1,360mm
Wheel base: 2,761mm
Weight: 1,430kg
Tank capacity: approx. 100 litres
Engine type: Eight-cylinder, V-configuration
Capacity: 3,999cc
Max. output: approx. 420bhp
Bore x stroke: 92 x 75.2mm
Max. engine speed: 8,500rpm