BMW gives full support to its ambassadors.

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BMW Motorsport continues supporting private drivers and teams.

In 2017, the BMW Sports Trophy will encompass all those privateers representing BMW in a diverse range of series and at famous racing events around the world.

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BMW Motorsport is continuing its long tradition of supporting privateer teams around the world in their fight for victories and titles in GT and touring car racing in 2017. Their outings in BMW racing cars have always made privateers the perfect ambassadors for BMW. The BMW Sports Trophy allows BMW Motorsport to repay them for this commitment by offering technically advanced cars, comprehensive service and many more benefits.

In 2017 the BMW Sports Trophy will be held for the 56th time. In 2016, Michael Schrey came out on top in the traditional privateer competition and was presented with the winner’s cheque for 30,000 Euros at the end-of-season award ceremony. Pixum Team Adrenalin Motorsport won the BMW Sports Trophy team competition for the third time in a row.

With the BMW M6 GT3 spearheading the product range for privateer teams and drivers, BMW Motorsport will be getting a new challenger ready over the course of the 2017 season: the BMW M4 GT4. With this car, customers will be able to race cost-effectively at the very highest level at events around the world from 2018. Numerous test events are scheduled throughout the 2017 season, including the 24-hour race in Dubai in January. Drivers and teams around the world will continue to compete with the current entry-level model, the BMW M235i Racing, in such competitions as the BMW M235i Racing Cup classes in Germany, Belgium and China. A total of 170 examples of the BMW M235i Racing have been built.
BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt: “Our international customers have celebrated many triumphs in the first year with the BMW M6 GT3. We hope this will continue in 2017. The comprehensive test programme with the BMW M4 GT4 will go on in parallel. We will also see the car in action in a couple of races. Our privateer teams will then compete with the newest model from our product range in 2018. I am particularly pleased that the BMW M235i Racing remains so popular. The widespread use of this race car and the positive feedback from our customers show that this model has been a hit since its introduction in 2014.”

The services provided by BMW Motorsport range from the long-term availability of parts to on-site support at the racetrack. BMW Motorsport Distribution ensures that parts are generally available for more than two generations of car. As a result, the cars depreciate in value far slower and can be used for the maximum length of time.


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